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Superb school report writing and pupil tracking software!

INFORM Tracker - Primary school pupil tracking software including EYFS tracker, and which has a choice from 5 KS1 and KS2 assessment formats.

INFORM Reporter (Primary) - Primary School report writing and pupil tracking software
INFORM Reporter (primary) consists of a management program, a teacher program and an integrated version of INFORM Tracker

INFORM Reporter (All age) - Secondary and/or Primary School report writing software
INFORM Reporter (all age) consists of a management program and a teacher program

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Free teacher resources:

INFORM Reporter (standalone version) - free school report writing program for teachers
For teachers whose schools use MS Word for annual reports.
Write reports using this modified version of the INFORM Reporter teacher-program using statements etc and then export to your school's Word template using the program's export to Word function.
Now includes statements.

Licensed until 21 December 2019.
(Users who have already installed a previous year's program will get messages asking them if they wish to continue the install. Click "No" when asked if you want to Cancel. Click "Yes" when asked if you wish to continue the install).

Current statements  for previous users. Save to a new folder and then import in to the Inform Reporter teacher-program if not already present.